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Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meeting

April 17-18, 2012
Washington, DC

Actions and Decisions

  • The draft Phase II National Report was presented to the Wildland Fire Leadership Council. The Council suggested a few edits to the Phase II Report. These were incorporated and the Council unanimously accepted the report.
  • The process and timeline for obtaining the Secretary of Agriculture and Secretary of the Interior’s signature was approved and the report is scheduled to be released in early May.
  • A program of work for completing the final phase of the National Cohesive Strategy was presented. The Council unanimously accepted the program of work.
  • A draft contingency plan was presented to the Council. There was much discussion and ideas regarding contingency planning if this should be an active fire season. The Council tasked the Wildland Fire Executive Committee with further developing a clear plan to address the necessary communication that will be required – key messages, frequently asked questions, etc.
  • An updated wildland fire governance structure was presented to the Council. They asked key questions and tasked the Wildland Fire Executive Committee with identifying how people are appointed to positions and with looking at the current structure to determine what works well and what needs modification. The Wildland Fire Executive Committee is to report back to the Council with their proposal.