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Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meeting

July 21-22, 2010
Reno, Nevada


Cohesive Wildfire Management Strategy

  • WFLC approved the CSOC structure with the addition of a member from National League of Cities and USGS.
  • Facilitators will incorporate the Forest Health Advisory Committee comments into the final Forum Summary report.
  • There will be a WFLC and CSOC afternoon conference call on August 25, 2010, and a WFLC meeting in Washington, DC, on September 29 and 30, 2010. Possible joint Hill visits will be conducted the morning of the 29th.
  • National Principles were approved with minor revisions and the inclusion of an introduction that describes that the Principles apply across Fire Adapted Communities, Resilient Landscapes, and Response to Fire. (CSOC)
  • Challenges were approved with minor revisions and the addition of a “Landscape Conditions” challenge. (Subgroup I - CSOC)
  • Goals were generally accepted as revised with the possibility of further minor revisions to the overall goal. (Subgroup III-CSOC)
  • Performance measures will be limited to a few, clearly defined, measureable metrics for each of the three topics—restore and maintain landscape resiliency, fire adapted communities, and wildfire response. (Subgroup III – CSOC)
  • Cohesive Strategy Governance was approved.
  • A phased approach was accepted.
  • The decision was made to proceed toward two reports to be presented on November 1—first, a report to Congress that addresses the GAO concerns (the management strategies identified in the GAO reports) and FLAME Act elements; and second, the Cohesive Wildfire Management Strategy with possible further refinements to the final layout/packaging. (CSOC Writer/Editors)
  • Science panel has approval to go forward with their work with additional review during the August WFLC conference call. (Science Panel)

Wildland Fire Governance

  • Include member from EPA on the Federal Fire Policy Council. (Rowdabaugh)
  • Adopted the new Wildfire Governance structure with minor revisions. (Rowdabaugh)
  • Fire Executive Council (FEC) will reflect the current membership of WFLC and will be the steering committee for the implementation phases of the Cohesive Wildfire Management Strategy—Phases II and III. (Rowdabaugh)

Action Items

Cohesive Wildfire Management Strategy

  • Forest Health Advisory Committee presenters will forward their forum comments to Ann Walker, who will forward those comments to the contractors for incorporation into the final report.
  • Improve the website content by ensuring the pertinent information is provided in a timely manner. (Pertinent members of CSOC)
  • Expand the Science Panel to include additional science partners (Tribal, TNC, NASF, etc). (Pertinent WFLC Member)
  • Outreach to the National League of Cities and USGS for an appointee to the CSOC. CSOC will contact Stephanie Spirer for assistance in appointment of a NLC member and Suzette Kimball for USGS member. (CSOC)
  • Coordinate cohesive strategy with America’s Great Outdoors (Kim Thorsen).
  • Science Panel needs to finish their report—deadline beginning of August. (Science Panel)
  • Science Panel will ensure the social science component is factored into the CS. (Science Panel)
  • Draft a “Challenge” regarding landscape conditions. (Subgroup I)
  • Challenges will be edited and forwarded to the WFLC before the August conference call for review and approval on the call. (Subgroup I)
  • Conduct joint Hill visits. (WFLC)
  • At August WFLC conference call, Science Panel will provide additional options for consideration by WFLC. (Science Panel)
  • Identify one CSOC point of contact for communication tools. (CSOC)
  • Have one page briefing paper ready for review Friday, July 30. (CSOC Communication Strategy Group).
  • Check for any requirement for publishing notification in Federal Register. (CSOC)
  • Talk about the intent of FLAME Act Element 2, “Reinvestment in non-fire programs by the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture” with non-federal partners and Meghan Conklin. (Kim, Kirk and Tom Harbour)
  • Outreach for an EPA member for Federal Policy Council. (Rowdabaugh)
  • Chief Tidwell and Director Abbey will work together to address the appropriate conflicts in the Code of Federal Regulations that inhibit the ability of DOI agencies and the Forest Service to work effectively across boundaries.

Wildland Fire Governance

  • Revise Drafted Wildland Fire Leadership Council Governance and forward revised copy to WFLC for review. (Rowdabaugh)
  • Revise FEC Charter and send out for review by WFLC. (Rowdabaugh)
  • Charge FEC with review of NWCG membership. (Rowdabaugh)