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Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meeting

November 9-10, 2011
Denver, Colorado


  • There will continue to be a Wildland Fire Executive Council liaison to the Cohesive Strategy Communications Team.
  • The Phase II draft documents will be modified to reflect the discussions at the meeting. Members will have one more opportunity to review the draft documents and provide further comments before the official review process begins.
  • WFLC members will provide comments on the Phase III process proposal and timeline.
  • The LANDFIRE Charter was approved without any further edits.
  • WFLC supports the on-going effort to take advantage of immediate opportunities that have been highlighted as a result of Cohesive Strategy Phase II work.
  • WFLC will sign a letter stating their strong support of the work completed to date to develop the Cohesive Strategy and their continued support of development through the final Phase.


  • WFLC members will identify what they can provide in terms of personnel or contracts to fulfill the need for a full time lead and another 1/2 to full time position on the Communications Team. They will also identify representation for a steering committee. The exact amount of time needed will be determined as things are better defined. It is agreed that the people assigned need to be communication professionals.
  • Butch Blazer will sign the LANDFIRE Charter as the WFLC chair.
  • The Wildland Fire Executive Council will draft a letter of support for WFLC signature; to be addressed at the December Wildland Fire Executive Council meeting.
  • The Wildland Fire Executive Council will report back to WFLC at the end of December with a draft letter and edited Phase II documents.