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How to Get Involved


There will be a significant outreach effort to engage partners and stakeholders and obtain their perspectives on key topics for the Quadrennial Fire Review (QFR). Unlike previous QFRs that relied heavily on travel and direct face-to-face engagement of partners, this QFR will capitalize on recent advances in technology to minimize workload and costs. To meet this QFR's outreach and engagement requirements with maximum efficiency, the team will utilize virtual collaboration and crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is an effective way for a broad or targeted audience to share ideas and for moderators to organize, sort, and rank those ideas. QFR stakeholders will use the crowdsourcing platform to provide input on QFR commenting on other's participants' ideas. Crowdsourcing is a transparent, interactive way for a community to engage that is also unbounded by standard business hours of operation or by the limitations of previous technologies which required continuous human review for aggregation and filtration. The application provides encryption, a single-sign on (SSO) function, and is Section 508-compliant for Government use.

The crowdsourcing site is now live. Register and participate…


Outreach forums will be held throughout the QFR process.