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Regional Strategy Committees

To coordinate the regional assessments, the Wildland Fire Executive Council (WFEC) chartered three Regional Strategy Committees (RSC), one for each region delineated in the Cohesive Strategy.

Phase 2 Regions: map of the United States showing regions with different colors.
Three regions were identified by the WFEC: Northeast, Southeast, and West.

Northeast Region Southeast Region: Puerto Rico Southeast Region: continental states West Region: Alaska and Hawaii West Region: continental states

Membership of the West, Southeast, and Northeast Regional Strategy Committees is available (PDF, 31 KB).

Each RSC provides executive leadership, oversight and guidance within their respective region for completing the tasks assigned by the WFEC during Phases II and III of the Cohesive Strategy implementation. During Phase II, each RSC is tasked to complete a regional assessment through a defined planning and analysis process, including the articulation of regional goals, objectives and portfolios of activities and actions that support the goals of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy (PDF, 1.7 MB).

Working Groups

RSCs may appoint regional or sub-regional Working Groups to support the development of regional goals, objectives and portfolios of actions and activities.

Working Groups will be formed at the regional or sub-regional level. If the region does not delineate sub-regions, there will be one Working Group to support the analysis at the regional-level. If a region delineates sub-regions, there will be one Working Group formed for each sub-region. The Regional Strategy Committee will assign members from the sub-regional working groups to assist in conducting and developing the regional goals, objectives and portfolios of actions and activities.

Each RSC will determine the appropriate membership on the Working Group(s) to ensure necessary input from land managers, stakeholders, partners, and others.