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David A. Frederick Biography

David A. Frederick
David A. Frederick

David A. Frederick graduated from Mississippi State University in 1975 with a B.S. degree in Forest Management. He retired from Alabama Forestry Commission as Director of the Forest Protection Division after working for 30 years. He was a member of Auburn University’s Agriculture and Forestry Leaders’ yearlong program and toured national as well as international locations related to forestry and agriculture. He also participated on a USDA Forest Service team that traveled twice to Indonesia and taught fire prevention firefighting to Indonesians.

Currently he serves as Fire Director for the Southern Group of State Foresters, which coordinates fire assistance and fire policy for the 13 Southern States. He served as the chair of the working team in the development of the Cohesive Strategy Phase II Southern Regional Report. He continues to serve as the Chair of the Working Team in the Cohesive Strategy Phase III development process as well as serving on the Southeastern Regional Strategy and Communications Committee.

David is married to Pam Griffin Frederick; has two grown sons; and enjoys hunting, fishing, and gardening.