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Frequently Asked Questions and Updates

Project Updates

Dispatch Governance and Staffing

Group picture of the attendees at the Technical Workgroups Meeting February 24 to 27, 2015.
Attendees at the Technical Workgroups Meeting February 24 to 27, 2015.

Computer Aided Dispatch Standardization (CADS)

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the IDIP requirements be funded?

IDIP Subject Matter Expert teams will provide a recommendation to Senior Executive Leadership of the Department of the Interior or Forest Service for approval.

How will you communicate changes to keep dispatch employees in the loop?

Project information and updates will be posted to the IDIP web page. Individuals are welcome to ask questions or provide input by emailing The IDIP Program Lead is available to brief stakeholder groups either by phone or in person upon request.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Standardization

How will you define the functionality of the CAD system?

We will define the interagency business needs through requirements gathering and then define the standards. Two key components of a future enterprise CAD system will include:

  • The ability to exchange data with an integrator, such as IRWIN.
  • A standardized user interface so that users need no training when working in other centers.

Will there be support for dispatch centers until a new CAD system can be developed and deployed?


Interagency Dispatch Operational Guidance (IDOG)

Is the Dispatch Efficiency Working (DEW) Group still part of the IDOG portion of the IDIP?

The IDIP will provide leadership intent to the DEW Group to include development of a comprehensive IDOG as appropriate.

Dispatch Governance and Staffing

How will the IDIP team ensure that staffing needs are accommodated?

The IDIP will provide a standardized interagency workload analysis staffing tool.

Will there be another data call process?

No other data calls are anticipated at this time.